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Our partner, Maura Copsey, is keenly aware that with the unprecedented times of COVID-19 comes new learning experiences. As a Certified Divorce Financial Analyst, she is familiar with navigating the uneasy and has a knack for recognizing the different opportunities that come with transition. In a piece for, Copsey explores the ways in which working with a female advisor can be particularly beneficial during challenging times.

Most can agree that COVID-19 has touched some portion of each of our lives. There’s quarantining and social distancing, new work procedures and amended hours, and market volatility and job loss. Things are changing and our clients are not without concern.

Research has shown that women are biologically more empathetic and have the advantage of holistically assessing situations. At this time, when clients need a healthy blend of financial guidance, emotional support and trusted solutions, female advisors are primed to shine.

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