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2019 will be a bittersweet time at NNP. Our partner, John Parrott, will be retiring after 43 years in the financial services industry. Although we are excited for him, he will be sorely missed at the office. We are sure we won’t be the only ones. Even though we have spent five years preparing, it will be different here for us and for the many clients he has developed long-term relationships with. As we reflect on our years together, it is not hard to recognize the special legacy that John leaves behind.

Without a doubt, John has always been 100% committed to doing what is right. No wavering. Even if it meant less revenue or lower profits. Just as it should be. In an industry that has at times struggled with putting the client’s interest first, John has always stood firm and made sure our company followed suit. As John moves on to the next stage of his life, we are as committed as ever to making sure this remains the foundation of our business. John knows how to build long-lasting relationships with his clients and workmates. He has worked with many of his clients for more than 30 years. He didn’t read a “how-to” book; building these relationships comes naturally to him. He cares. So now, John does not leave behind clients and work associates. He goes forward with a multitude of friends.

For John, it ’s not always about work. He likes to have fun. He is always ready with a joke or prank. He enjoys going out to have some fun with his co-workers or clients. John is constantly suggesting a ballgame, a cookout or a trip to the lake. John is committed to family. In the earlier years, it was his wife, Sally, and sons, John and Will. Now we have all witnessed the same level of commitment to his five grandchildren. He has car seats in the back so he is ready. By watching John, the rest of us see the importance of family.

As a final act at NNP, John has been committed to making sure we have in place an enduring firm that is built to help our clients be cared for long after we are gone. Based on his lead, we have adopted a long-term plan. We continue to develop our next generation of advisors and executed a five-year plan to carefully transition his relationships to the right advisors. The success of this plan will provide our blueprint as we go forward.

The legacy is large, but what we have learned together and from John will remain the pillars of the NNP foundation. We know you will join us in wishing John well.

This article was originally featured in NNP’s 2018 Winter newsletter. To read the other articles, download the entire newsletter.

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