NNP IN THE NEWS: Managing Wealth Takes More Than A Financial Advisor

Wealth Management In the December 20 issue of the Upstate Business Journal, Nachman Norwood & Parrott shares the first column of a three-part series on the importance of having an experienced group of professionals involved in your financial plan. In this first article, Managing Director Bob Nachman, focuses on why creating a financial plan with a knowledgeable financial advisor is key to successful wealth management.

Nachman outlines four ideas to consider: spend less than you earn, plan for your dreams, leverage legal resources and work the plan. “We see too many high-net-worth individuals who do not live within their means and income, but instead depend on their portfolios and returns to support their lifestyle,” Nachman observes. “Being responsible with your money is necessary to guarantee long-term financial health, no matter your level of wealth.”

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