Wealth Management

Nachman Norwood & Parrott’s Wealth Management services include:

  • Long-Term Planning
  • Our process starts by understanding your financial situation, needs, and goals. Then we work with you to assess the proper strategy best suited to your financial goals. Based on this information, we create a written plan that serves as a roadmap for your financial future. We will continue to refer to and refine this plan during our ongoing relationship.

  • Cash Flow Planning
  • We will help you assess your budget requirements. Using those findings, we will create an income plan to support your needs.

  • Investment Management
  • With your plan as a guide, we will develop an investment strategy to help you meet your specific goals with the least amount of risk. The strategy is centered on long- term, sound investment principles. Our specific investment recommendations are guided by our internal investment committee, and because of our independent fee based structure, decisions are directed by what is best for the client at the lowest cost possible.

  • Estate Planning Strategies
  • We believe a current estate plan is critical for a family to achieve its long-term objectives. Estate planning allows you to support and protect your family after your lifetime. We will review your current plan, determine needs, and partner with the appropriate outside legal counsel as needed. Overtime, families and tax laws change. As part of our process, we revisit the plan on a regular basis and make recommendations as needed.

  • Insurance Monitoring
  • A key component of your overall plan is assessing if your insurance coverage is adequate to meet your specific needs. From protecting your family to planning for long-term care, we will complete periodic reviews of your insurance coverage. When necessary, we will also partner with the appropriate insurance specialists to help ensure you are continuing to receive the right coverage.

  • Education Planning
  • There are a variety of options available to you when deciding how to fund a child’s or grandchild’s education. Every situation is unique, and we will evaluate your circumstances to help create the best education plan for your family.

  • Liability Management
  • Through our Charles Schwab affiliates and other banking partners, you have access to banking services, including:
    • Securities-based lines of credit
    • Residential mortgages
    • Home equity financing
    • Small-business financing
    • Credit cards

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