Qualified Plan Consulting

Nachman Norwood & Parrott’s Qualified Plan Consulting services include:

  • Investment Policy Construction and Oversight
  • We will help you create a new or revise an existing investment policy statement. Once adopted, we will work to keep your document current.

  • Employee Education and Enrollment
  • Our goal is to help your employees be well prepared for retirement. As part of our services, we provide onsite employee education and enrollment meetings as well as individual planning support.

  • Investment Oversight
  • Utilizing our internal investment committee, we will help structure an appropriate investment lineup. Based on the goals and objectives of the investment policy statement, we will highlight changes and improvements as needed. Our independent structure allows us to provide you investment options without conflicts of interest.

  • Plan Benchmarking
  • At least annually, we will review important plan statistics to gauge the overall success of your plan vs. industry norms or companies similar to yours. This review will include topics such as plan participation, deferral percentage and costs. Utilizing industry statistics, we will work to help make sure your plan measures up well against or exceeds the competition.

  • Recordkeeper/TPA Selection and Oversight
  • Nachman Norwood and Parrott is not restricted to any particular Recordkeeper or Third Party Administrator. After studying your needs, we will conduct an independent search to find the right fit at the best cost.

  • Consulting on Plan Design
  • Depending on the particular needs of your company as well as the demographics of your workforce, we will help guide you on proper plan structure. Whether the decision is the type of plan or the specific rules of the plan, we, along with outside experts, will work to help design the proper framework.

  • Due Diligence Management
  • Keeping your plan compliant is critical. We will provide an initial audit to check for deficiencies and to make suggestions. Our service process is built to help ensure that your company is following the appropriate protocol on an ongoing basis.

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