NNP IN THE NEWS: Fees vs Commissions

Is your financial advisor’s compensation aligned with your best interests?

Fees or commissions? There is a vast difference of opinion among financial advisors regarding which is best. In the April 21 issue of the Upstate Business Journal, Nachman Norwood & Parrott’s Vice President, Maura Copsey, weighed in on understanding the difference and what you should take into consideration that aligns best with your financial goals.

There can be an appropriate time and a place for both fees or commissions; however, not fully understanding them could significantly impact your long-term outcome. Take time to learn more about understanding the costs to ensure your goals are aligned and headed in the right direction.

Read the full article on the Upstate Business Journal’s website. If you’d like to schedule an appointment with a financial advisor at Nachman Noorwood & Parrott to discuss what is best for your needs, call us at (864) 467-9800.